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Application development services

Build your Apps for web, mobile, computer, kiosk, or IoT with Kiffcom. One single party to offer you and manage your Marketing, design, development, and publication.

Have you ever been really disappointed by developers’ releases? That happened to Kiffcom too. So we optimized our processes. 

Today, everybody has their own expertise and duties in an efficient production process. We deliver great applications with a respected deadline.


Application development services Definition

At Kiffcom, application development is the process from conception to publication, including technological market research, drafting of requirements, design of the customer experience, design of mock-ups, design of user interface, then prototype, programming, and testing. This development is carried out in conjunction with our technical written and graphic design experts, our software engineers, and stakeholders/customers. The resulting application may be dedicated to public consumers / B2C or companies / B2B.
Application development
Software development agency

Why do you need software development services?

Have ever thought of hiring a marketing agency before?

Do you have the skills to develop an application yourself?

The development of an application is more than the development of the application itself. It is important to know what the purpose is and why as the architecture and versions of the application will depend on it. The development of the application is therefore a logical continuation of marketing and its research. 

Following the marketing planning, the professional must define the specifications of the application, including interactions and design. Once approved, begins the process development and automation of the application, called the backend, plus the visual part called the frontend. This application development requires at this stage a set of skills in programming languages, software architecture, user interaction, and testing. 

Once the application has been developed, it will then be time to publish and promote it.

Do you know how to present a project to software engineers?

The presentation of an application development project to a team of developers can be very risky. Between the problems of skills, communication, comprehension, and judgment, there is room for results very different from what one would expect. The slightest modification can lead to weeks or even months of correction. Developers are good at their fields and not necessarily at marketing, human interactions, or design. And above all, they won’t know what you haven’t told them.


What quality do you expect ?

There are a lot of pieces of code that define themselves as an application, but very few match your needs. The development of an application can lead to different results including failure

How we work

How Kiffcom call center service can help take you off?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and experience.​

Multidisciplinary team

Depending on the scope of the project, Kiffcom distributes the tasks to a more or less large team of specialized professionals in order to offer the best result within the limits of the agreed budget. 

We assume that each specialist individual has more time and skills than another multi-tasking and multi-skilled individual. 

Thus, a designer in Human Interactions / UX will be able to clearly identify and meet the expectations of the target customer in terms of the reaction of the application, while a design integrator will know exactly how to find the best technological solutions to apply them.

Application development quality assurance

At Kiffcom we are committed to delivering quality, functional applications that meet customer expectations within the budgets and deadlines defined together.

Thus, the quality assurance process is essential in the delivery of products developed at Kiffcom. Regularly optimized, it makes sure to apply quality control by testing all possible combinations including the environment, resources, users, and known bugs.

The objective is the satisfaction of our customers and theirs.

Application development process

In order to facilitate communication and development, Kiffcom applies the Agile SCRUM framework when possible. The project is supported through a clear and predefined application development process by distributing the tasks to the managers of each relevant specialty. 

In optimal development, the product owner takes care of managing the application of the product vision as a whole while the user experience / UX designer takes care of understanding, defining, finding and applying the best ingredients. possible interactions in its diagrams. The User Interface / UI designer takes care of dressing the mechanism with the best visual effects, while following the brand’s graphic charter. Each step is presented for approval to customers. 

Once the application has been defined in the specifications, development begins with the software engineers. There are some who will take care of the mechanism and the automation. Others will take care of integrating UX and UI representations. Then testers will test all functions, environments, or possible actions to flush out errors. All in a repetitive cycle, always following the application development process. 

The time, resources, and stages of the project are thus quickly mastered to ensure delivery as agreed with customers.

What we do

Application development services

Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, marketing services and products


The inbound call center is receiving calls from a business’ customers. That can be related to product or service technical support, payment and order processing, upgrade and renewal inquiries, or even complaints.

Specifications writing

To prepare for the development of software such as an application, it is important to write as complete technical documentation as possible. This will avoid costly and time-consuming corrections. Thus, the product owner will generate specifications from customer interviews which include the history of the application, with its context, its objective, its environment, its architecture, its functionalities, its content, with its translations, its interactions, and its graphic charter.


User experience / UX design

An application includes interactions with the user that must be planned and mastered to optimize their experience. Thus, the UX designer will create scenarios, do research on users, create an information architecture, generate models and prototypes, and finally design possible interactions to control user behaviors. It is the science of human interaction.

User interface / UI design

In most cases, users will see the user interface to interact with it. It is a graphic, visual representation, often attractive, which will make it possible to control the displayed options. The graphic design will take care of the typography, layout, colors, images, sentiment and branding.

Backend development

The backend developer will take care of setting up the architecture of the application, developing the automation and interactions necessary for use. 

The most common languages used by the backend developer today are Java, Swift, Objective-C, PHP, .NET, C#, Ruby, Python, SQL, Javascript, C and C++.

Frontend development

As for the front-end developer, he takes care of integrating the visuals generated by the UI designer with the interactions and automatisms developed by the backend developer. This will become the interface that the user will use to manipulate the functions of the application.

The most common front-end languages today are HTML, Javascript, CSS, Java, Python, C # and C ++.


Tests are the guarantee of a quality application. The testers apply a battery of tests defined by the quality control to each delivery of the application in order to find a maximum of bugs and possible errors. The backend and front-end developers are thus informed of the corrections to be made and the process starts again.


The devops are in charge of publishing the application on the servers, managing the different published versions, integrating it, its security, and its good operating condition in the different geographical areas. Their pace is different from developers since they must be active quickly as soon as a technical or security problem arises to avoid any inconvenience to users.

Cyber security

The servers are constantly attacked by hackers and their bots to try to take control. They detect known flaws in operating systems, computer networks, try to force access, or simply prevent operation.

They take the opportunity to steal information, broadcast messages, or use the computing power of servers for their needs.

Kiffcom offers you a complete service for monitoring, auditing, intervention, and prevention against these attacks.


Intellectual property / IP protection

Consider protecting your work, your ideas, and your organization’s identity by registering copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs, and trade secrets in countries covered by your market.

Kiffcom offers you advice and support in administrative procedures.

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