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Call center services

Are you thinking of hiring salespeople to increase your income? We are all there ;-) 

Luckily, we have a dedicated sales team on hand. With a weekly contract, you can only increase the risk of seeing your sales take off!

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Call center definition

A call center or call centre is an office centralizing a large number of incoming or outgoing telephone calls. 

Outgoing calls are often cold calls, offering products or services to predetermined targets. 

Incoming calls represent customers or future customers regarding inbound product or service support or consumer inquiries.

Call center definition

Integrated Marketing agency

Why do you need a call center service ?

Have ever thought of hiring a marketing agency before ?

Can you afford another employee ?

Hiring employees takes courage, energy, time, space, investment and experience. You need to describe your ad, post the job on different platforms, search for the perfect candidate, filter him or her with interviews, and hire your champion. Subsequently, it requires the whole process of integration with office, desk, computer, access, contract, training, salary and management. 

The results of the sale can take time depending on many aspects such as the product or service to be sold, the environment, or even motivation.

Time is counted ?

You need to sell your products or services quickly. By the time you search and find a good seller, you might be missing the right time to sell. 

Or maybe you need a salesperson or a team of salespeople, but just for a limited time, like back to school time.

Are you a good salesperson ?

Your product or service may be very good, but sales may have a hard time taking off. There are several sales strategies and one of the most effective is telemarketing. But are you able to sell your product? Do you know the sales techniques? Are you comfortable on the phone? Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it is difficult to excel in all areas of a business. 

Customer service is really important

58% of customers say that customer service is a very important factor that affects their choice of a brand


Virtual meetings are effective

72% of overperforming sales leaders say that virtual meetings have been as or more effective than face to face meetings


Phone calls is still effective

41.2% of salespeople said their phone is the most effective sales tool at their disposal


How we work

How Kiffcom call center service can help take you off ?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and experience.

We provide professional agents only team

Kiffcom offers professional call center agents. Our leaders have decades of experience selling and managing employees. We regularly have a team up for the challenge and a large pool of candidates ready to take on the sales and customer support challenge that we select regularly. They are trained, experienced, reliable, responsible and with winning mindset.

Choose an affordable sales team

The idea came to us to outsource teams of sales and customer service agents because it is practical, fast, economical for short periods of time and above all efficient. 

Our service offerings for call center agents include pre-selection, training, computer with office software, CRM, telephone, internet connection, and personnel management. That's a turnkey solution to start your sales earlier than expected and it reduces your costs.

Select one of our flexible weekly contracts

In order to facilitate management, Kiffcom offers you its call center agents for the week. You can easily synchronize any event, such as your advertising campaigns, holidays, pregnancy or sickness, with the recruitment of our agents. For how many weeks do you want to hire them?

We work with worldwide 24 h time zone

If your organization needs 24 hour staff, Kiffcom will organize your teams accordingly. We can take over any shift you want or even take care of all shifts. 24 / 7 / 365 support for a fraction of the price.

Scale your business with Kiffcom

One of the advantages of this type of contract is the ability to expand or reduce your sales force, effortlessly. Adding agents from one week to the next and then reducing them, nothing could be easier with our evolving agreements. 

That helps to improve call quality during peak hours, decrease call abandonment, ensure business continuity, increase service levels, and customer satisfaction.  

What we do

Call center Services

Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, call center services and products

Inbound call center

Inbound call center

The inbound call center is receiving calls from a business' customers. That can be related to product or service technical support, payment and order processing, upgrade and renewal inquiries, or even complaints.

Outbound call center

Outbound call center

The outbound call center is making calls to reach and attract prospective customers. It can be sales calls, service calls, cold calls, or presales calls to qualify leads.



Telemarketing is direct communication with the prospects and includes inbound and outbound calls. All is about reaching the targeted customer within the proper process. Telemarketing is one of the most efficient channels to grow your business.

Lead generation

Lead generation

The purpose to generate leads is to find the right target audience for your products or services. Following cold calls, a telecaller should be able to determine if the contact could be qualified and interested in the offer.

Customer support

Customer support

As part of the inbound calls, customer support is about solving the customer’s problem to help him enjoy his product or service as fast as possible. His satisfaction will optimize retention and loyalty.
Appointment setting

Appointment setting

Delegate the task to book your calendar with your leads online, on the phone, in a video call, or even in person, to Kiffcom’s team. We’ll qualify, verify, and give detailed accurate information in all your appointment events.
Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Kiffcom can also offer you a virtual assistant, able to take notes, prepare documents, send reminders, book meetings, and even take messages for you. Our call center service will assist you whenever you need it the most.
Data scraping

Data scraping

Following your marketing plan, we offer you the data scraping service to build your prospect’s database. You define your target, we gather the contact information so you’ll get ready to start your outbound call campaign.
Data entry

Data entry

Some of the contact information requires some manual collection. With Data scraping, Data entry will save hours of precious call time from a telecaller. To achieve 150 calls in a day, a telecaller requires a proper database.
Sales script writing

Sales script writing

In accordance with your goal and targets, matching the tone of your brand, spiced up with our experience, we generate a strategic sales script for the telecallers. Simple, clear, multi-case, and efficient.
Call center coaching and training

Coaching and training

Kiffcom will support your sales team and will give you the best-in-class feedback. Tactics, techniques, and strategies will be part of your training to improve the sales results of your business.
Call center infrastructure

Call center infrastructure

Phones, phone numbers, lines, servers, Kiffcom can set up your call center. Ask for a free quotation.

Call center Services offers

The best in class call center, for you.

Marketing planning meeting

Full call center service

Dare to succeed, bet on Call  center

  • Call center strategy
  • Data scraping
  • Data entry
  • Sales script writing
  • Cold calls
  • Closing
  • Customer support
  • Virtual Assistant
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  • ▢ Call center strategy
  • ▢ Data scraping
  • ▢ data entry
  • ▢ Sales script writing
  • ▢ Cold calls
  • ▢ closing
  • ▢ Customer support
  • ▢ Virtual assistant
  • ▢ Appointment setting
  • ▢ Coaching
  • ▢ Training
  • ▢ Call center infrastructure
Telemarketing services

Telemarketing services

Hire a telecaller for your outbound or inbound calls

  • Up to 100 prospect calls /day
  • ◯  awareness
  • ◯  lead Qualification
  • ◯  customer support
  • ◯  appointment setting
  • Daily report