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Do you know all the aspects of digital marketing? Rest assured, there is something new every day. 

 We have been studying the subject for well 20 years now. Kiffcom offers you its expertise.

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Digital marketing definition

Digital marketing is the marketing section that uses digital technology such as desktop computers , smart phones and other digital media and networks, focused on the internet and online to promote goods and services. 

Since the 2000s, marketing agencies have increasingly integrated digital platforms into their marketing plans as the population is increasingly adept at digital devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and other smart devices. It's made a simple way to buy, shop, find information and communicate. So digital campaigns have become mainstream, often including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social marketing optimization (SMO), local marketing optimization ( LMO), influencer marketing, automated marketing, direct email marketing, display and video advertising, e-books and games.

Digital marketing definition

Digital marketing agency

Why do you need a digital marketing service ?

Have ever thought of hiring an digital marketing agency before ?

Reaching customers

Perhaps you are having difficulty reaching your target. You spend time and money on more or less paying advertising campaigns, without knowing the real results. 

Expensive sales and marketing resources

There are many communication, marketing and sales mediums. To each his own specialist because it takes real expertise and time to be able to benefit from it. Now, that would require you a big team to test and operate these different mediums. 

Unable to measure performance of your campaigns

Simply not measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns will only give you a rough and maybe wrong estimate of their success. It happens when you advertise on a billboard, in a magazine, on the radio, or even in an email, without including an easy and fast tracking tool to your leads. You will therefore not be able to assess which medium performs the best, and which one is not worth investing in

How we work

How can Kiffcom help you find and convert the customers you are looking for?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and user experience.

Your customers are online / Global reach

What better way to communicate than through the Internet. Whether in real time, deferred or permanently, the Internet and the web are unparalleled means of communication. It's so convenient that there are 4.57 billion users around the world today. 

Connected to take or give general, professional or family information, users use it with all their focus, when they feel the need.

This makes it the preferred medium for communicating with them when they are just looking for a product or service like yours.

Digital marketing increases your business’s visibility

Thanks to the digital communication medium, it is possible to automate communications, to make them even intelligent or simply well referenced so as to appear in the first search results of users of Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram or other platform. 

It works 24/7 and is reachable worldwide, easily translatable in 80+ languages.

Digital marketing personalizes your audience’s experience

For each type of audience you can personalize your responses, display what fits best and have an appropriate process followed. 

Example; you will have a different section for your resellers, suppliers, pregnant customers, returning from vacation, or even customer service.

Your competitors are doing it

Have you noticed what your competitors have more than you? Chances are it's just a website, or a digital promotional activity. Digital marketing is made the most effective way to reach 3.5 billion people online. The cost to reach your target can be low, as far as you know how to use the digital marketing.

Digital marketing creates a 2 way communication

Another great advantage of digital communication is the ability to respond to visitors. The answer can be predefined, analytical or verbally, with pages, blog, chat, chatbot, or videocalls. 

Digital marketing allows you to multitask

While you are phoning a customer, your website, your CRM, your social pages, your chatbot can respond to tens, hundreds or thousands of prospects. If you have a trading system then even sales can become automated. 

What we do

Digital marketing Services

Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, and digital marketing services

Website audit service

Website audit

Do you already have a website and want to know how it stands against the competition, how to improve its usability, its positioning in search results, its performance in advertising campaigns, its presence on social networks and its security?

Kiffcom offers you a digital marketing audit of your website.

Digital strategy service

Digital strategy

To optimize your investment, it is good to prepare all the possibilities and options of your digital presence on the Internet.

Kiffcom offers you a planned digital strategy. It will change your outlook by optimizing your website, your social networks and your advertising campaigns. 

Website design and development service

Website design & development

Depending on how the structure, architecture, design and content of a website have been put together, a big difference in visit and conversion performance can happen.

Kiffcom's mission here is to offer you a beautiful website that is also optimized for SEO, conversion mechanisms and social sharing. 

Search Engine Optimization / SEO service

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

The first position of a search result analyzes an average of 30% of the traffic. The second result is around 15%, then 8% for the third, up to around 3% for the last result on the first page.

Kiffcom shapes you the tools to allow you to arrive in the best positions. 

Social Media Optimization / SMO service

Social Media Optimization / SMO

Today, social networks are used by 51% of the world's population. They establish a bond of trust between users and allow the sharing of links and opinions.

The power of these networks is at your disposal. Hire Kiffcom to deliver your message with style and efficiency. 

Google Ads advertising campaigns service

Google Ads advertising campaigns

55 % of people surveyed search for a product on Google. Google represents currently about 90 % of the search market share.

If you want to target prospects who are looking for a product or service, Google Ads is the right platform. 

Google Analytics service

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's benchmark tool for analyzing website or application traffic. It also integrates with other platforms like Google Ads to automatically influence their reactions, based on the analyzes. 

Kiffcom offers you to optimize this tool to help you make informed decisions and improve the result of Google Ads.

Professional email address service

Professional email address

You just have a few seconds to make a good impression on your prospects. A personal email address used in a professional setting can leave unnecessary doubts in the minds of your prospects. 

Ask Kiffcom to set you up an email platform with free or paid hosting, and customized to your business.

Content marketing service

Content marketing

Even today, content is the king of the web. It is thanks to it that we are able to discover pages, navigate, and engage.

With Kiffcom, set up a content strategy to position your organization in the best results on search pages like Google. It is a small investment for a potentially large return.

Email marketing service

Email marketing

Although spam is already banned in a few countries, there are email marketing strategies and campaigns that are legal, popular, and very effective in converting a lead into a customer and retaining them. 

Do business with Kiffcom for the strategy, design and operations of your email campaigns.Kiffcom offers you advice and support in administrative procedures.

Facebook advertising campaigns service

Facebook advertising campaigns

With now nearly 75% of the social media market share, Facebook is the most used social platform around the world. Its users spend an average of 58 minutes per day. 

Set up your advertising campaigns on Facebook with Kiffcom to reach individuals in a friendly and family setting.

Instagram advertising campaigns service

Instagram advertising campaigns

In July 2020, it was possible to reach 1.08 billion individuals passionate about the beauty of individuals, products, landscapes, effects, animations or videos shared on Instagram. 

Entrust your Instagram marketing campaign to Kiffcom to maximize results.

Pay Per Click - PPC Campaigns service

Pay per click / PPC campaigns

Pay Per Click / PPC ads are one of the top 3 conversion drives on websites. They allow you to precisely target individuals who may be interested in a product or service. This is a great way to get traffic from qualified visitors to your website very quickly. 

 Hire Kiffcom to prepare and manage your PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing / SMM service

Social Media Marketing / SMM

Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 42% of all Millennials and 50% of Gen Z. While behaviors depend on the platform, it makes it easy to target people. 

Let Kiffcom plan, manage and optimize your social media marketing campaign.

Video Marketing service

Video marketing

What could be better than an advertisement on television? Today's television is Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram, with their billions of users. It's an easy and effective way to send a message to reach your target audience. 

Ask Kiffcom to manage your video campaign. We produce beautiful, relevant and effective videos.

Branding service


How to spread your messages, sell your products or services without a clear and strong brand image? A brand image created by Kiffcom will set the tone and instill confidence in your prospects. It will become the visual and auditory reference they will retain from your products and services. 

Creative service

Creative services

Did you know that the visual dimension is the first factor influencing the purchasing decision of 92.6% of people? Put the odds on your side, enhance your messages, hire Kiffcom's professional designers. 

Your colleagues will be proud, your customers will be attracted and your competitors envious.

Strategy & analytics consulting service

Strategy & analytics consulting

In order to complete your team, Kiffcom provides the marketing and analysis service because a strategy with defined processes has 466% more chance of success. 

Our service can include audit, market analysis, competition benchmarking, and media planning.

Local SEO service

Local SEO

A simple fact; 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day. 

 If your organization receives visits or spans a particular territory, it is important to make it known to your targets. Contact Kiffcom to find out how we can help you.

Marketing Automation service

Marketing automation

We have entered the air of the 4th industrial revolution, that of automation and integration. This concerns all levels and processes of organizations. The goal is to increase profitability, reduce the time spent on non-productive tasks. 

Get ready here to automate repetitive communications with your prospects to lead them into a customer conversion funnel with Kiffcom.

Website chat services

Website chat services

Since 61% of consumers are influenced by personalized content, the trend of chat communications on websites is on the rise. Agents can respond directly or be replaced by robots / chatbots, or by virtual assistants, endowed with artificial intelligence. 

Explain your request to Kiffcom to find the right solution for your organization.

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