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Do you have time to manage all social media? Or do I even feel social? At Kiffcom we understand your priorities. Since social media came out, there are more and more options and custom-made.

Kiffcom is there to support you and to manage your social success.

What is Social Media?

With the dawn of new technology, the way we market is changed. For any business, social media marketing is essential. Social media is a part of our daily lives for most of us. It is cheaper and efficient.

Social Media platforms can help build brands, derive traffic to websites, increase sales of products and services. Broadcasting relevant content on social media with proper planning and strategy can help you realize your business goals. 



Integrated marketing agency

Why do you need social media services?

Have ever thought of hiring a marketing agency before?

Do you have time to manage your social media?

Proper devotion to social media is of pivotal importance for Social Media Marketing. Do you think you can devote sufficient time to social media?

Social media marketing and management are not limited to uploading a picture with a small caption. To market your product or service you need to create a connection with your potential customers. A lot of planning, strategizing, and then monitoring goes into creating Social Media Marketing Services. Proper use of Social Media channels requires, you to avail the of social media marketing services from professionals.

Do you know the last trend? A new social media application just got out

Content on Social Media tends to become monotonous if you don’t keep yourself regularly updated. Monotony can drive away your followers and therefore your potential customers. You need someone to keep an eye on all the latest trends and make the most out of them.

Do you know how to manage your social media to make it a sucess

Uploading a post on Social Media Networks seems like such an easy job, doesn’t it?

However, Social Media Marketing goes beyond merely broadcasting Content. It is a means to publish ideas, products, and services that capture attention. It is about telling your followers what they need and giving them the same thing

Are you social?

Being Social in real life and being social on Social Media are two entirely different things. On Social Media, you have to interact and create a connection with hundreds and thousands of people at the same time. The Content you publish on your social media handle needs to be curated carefully. This helps you create a network of followers that can help you grow your brand, business, or website.

How we work

Why do you need Kiffcom to manage your social media?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and experience.

Kiffcom is social

We at Kiffcom believe in empowering brands with the power of content and Social Media networks. Every small business and brand has a unique identity that deserves to be discovered and appreciated by the audience. We amplify engagements, brand awareness, and lead conversions using our Social Media Marketing Skills.

Kiffcom has a social media managers team

Our team consists of professionals from various disciplines. These professionals have come together and developed an integrated approach that helps in achieving our marketing objectives. With unique content and a data-driven approach we plan, strategize and deliver an impeccable experiences for both our clients and their followers

Kiffcom follows the trend

Leave the task for social media experts and watch your business succeed. We keep an eye on all the upcoming trends and make sure that your business stays up to date.
What we do

Social Media services

Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, marketing services and products


Education and consulting

Do you have a question regarding Social Media Marketing?

Don’t worry we have all the answers. Our team at Kiffcom is ever ready to tend to any query that might come from our clients. We have unique Education and Consulting packages available.


Research and analysis

Before we start handling your Social Media, we make sure that we have done our homework right. We believe in doing proper research on the small details of our client’s industry. We also perform a proper analysis of ongoing trends.


Strategy Planning

As we’ve said one cannot just keep uploading content mindlessly and expect followers to like it. Our Social Media Marketing services are comprehensive. A proper planning and strategizing by our team is done before posting anything on Social Media Network.

Account / profile creation and branding

At Kiffcom we also assist our clients with Account/Profile Creation and Branding. Our team creates identifiable logos and brand names that reflect the nature of your brand and distinguish it from the crowd.


Content creation

Content is the king. We create content for your Social Media profiles that help in marketing your service/product more efficiently. Our professional Content Creators are trained in their respective fields. They can create content that effectively showcases your brand, products, or services and captivates your audience.

content publishing

Content publishing

With proper research, planning, and analysis we choose the right time to publish your content. Content Publishing is as important as Content Creation since various factors are involved in it.


Campaign and community management

Our Campaign and community management services will help in assisting you with boosting your brand name, engagements, and lead conversions. Our campaigns are designed to fetch maximum Return on Investment.

Facebook optimization

Increase your visibility on Facebook with the Facebook Optimization services of Kiffcom.

Facebook ads

We also run Properly planned advertisements on Facebook, targeting specific users.



Linkedin optimization

LinkedIn Optimization can do wonders for your brand name. Get in touch with experts at Kiffcom to avail this service.

Linkedin ads

We run properly strategized advertisements on LinkedIn targeting specific users.

Instagram optimization

Using proper keywords, relevant content, hashtags and other elements, Kiffcom can help you in optimising Instagram.

Instagram ads

We run properly planned and strategized advertisements on Instagram targeting specific users. These ads help in stimulating a sense of awareness about brand/product amongst targeted audiences.


youtube ads and optimization

Using proper keywords, relevant content, hashtags, and other elements, Kiffcom can help you in optimizing your YouTube channel.

Reddit ads and optimization

Manage and Optimize your Reddit account with Social Media services from Kiffcom.


Whatsapp optimization

WhatsApp optimization can help your business go a long way. Let us at Kiffcom manage your business on WhatsApp.


Google business optimization

Optimize your website according to google search engine and get featured on the top.

Snapchat ads and optimization

Ads on Snapchat can help you gain a lot of traction on your channel. Let us help you optimize and advertise.


Quora content creation ads and optimization

In addition to creating content that speaks to audiences, we also help you advertise and optimize using Quora.

medium management

medium management, ads, and optimization

At Kiffcom we help you manage your Medium account and run ad campaigns.


Twitter ads and optimization

A well maintained Twitter handle can go a long way in speaking to your Audience. Let us help you advertise and optimize.

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