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Electronic Engineering services

Kiffcom electronic engineering is a turnkey product designed and delivered by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes

Have you ever put an electronic product on the market? It takes so much time and experts! 

Kiffcom has optimized the process to offer it to its customers. We will customize it to develop the product you expected, in time


Electronic engineering services Definition

At Kiffcom, application development is the process from conception to publication, including technological market research, drafting of requirements, design of the customer experience, design of mock-ups, design of user interface, then prototype, programming, and testing.

This development is carried out in conjunction with our technical written and graphic design experts, our software engineers, and stakeholders/customers.

The resulting application may be dedicated to public consumers / B2C or companies / B2B.

Electronic engineering agency

Why do you need electronic engineering services?

Have ever thought of hiring an electronic engineering agency before?

Have you ever had an electronic device interact with an app?

It sounds easy, but it’s much more complicated than a website. Software engineers must learn to work with a device that reacts, communicates in real-time, while electronic engineers must open their system to listen, respond and react with the outside. And there are so many electronic components out there that each reacts differently, and that must be considered when designing software for the user.

What is your main activity?

Hiring staff means time, expertise, organization, investment, and space. This requires integrating new corporate processes within your business, in addition to those you already manage. Is it worth it?

Do you have all the required resources?

The design process is complex and requires close monitoring of timelines and quality. It all starts with precise specifications, based on legal, marketing, and technology market research.

Once approved, begins in parallel, the industrial 3D design of the case, the mechatronic design, the design of the PCB, and the design of the software. Along the way, there are prototypes, technical tests, then functional, customer, security, communication, etc., in addition to certifications. Also, to finalize the marketable version, it is necessary to validate the intellectual property, or the supply of components in the long term because each change due to a missing electronic component can cause months of delays in production. 

The time will come to prepare the documentation for assembly, the technical and user documentation, then to prepare the distribution. 

Each of these stages requires specific expertise and experience. It is the work of a coordinated team of professionals included in the pre-defined circuit of a production process and adapted to each project.

How we work

How Kiffcom can develop the electronic product you ask for?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and experience.​

Have you ever had an electronic device interact with an app?

It sounds easy, but it’s much more complicated than a website. Software engineers must learn to work with a device that reacts, communicates in real time, while electronic engineers must open their system to listen, respond and react with the outside. And there are so many electronic components out there that each react differently, and that must be considered when designing software for the user.

Enter the internet of things era

Today is the height of the Internet of Things, where devices are getting “smart”. They interact with their environment like never before. Like many manufacturers, you are thinking of integrating these new technological opportunities into your products in order to offer added value and thus keep or even gain market share. 

Since 2012, the Kiffcom team has been working on this very competitive market which still has enormous potential. Take advantage of our expertise and develop your product with our passionate electronic team.

Focus on engineering

In order to facilitate communication and development, Kiffcom applies the Agile SCRUM framework when possible. The project is supported through a clear and predefined application development process by distributing the tasks to the managers of each relevant specialty. 

In optimal development, the product owner takes care of managing the application of the product vision as a whole while the user experience / UX designer takes care of understanding, defining, finding and applying the best ingredients. possible interactions in its diagrams. The User Interface / UI designer takes care of dressing the mechanism with the best visual effects, while following the brand’s graphic charter. Each step is presented for approval to customers. 

Once the application has been defined in the specifications, development begins with the software engineers. There are some who will take care of the mechanism and the automation. Others will take care of integrating UX and UI representations. Then testers will test all functions, environments, or possible actions to flush out errors. All in a repetitive cycle, always following the application development process. 

The time, resources, and stages of the project are thus quickly mastered to ensure delivery as agreed with customers.

International engineering team

Discover the international market and hire the Kiffcom electronic development team. Just like electronic products, of which nearly 90% are produced in China, our engineering is international and especially Asian. This is where the new experts are, with unbeatable prices. Try it, request a free quote!

What we do

Electronic engineering services

Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, electronic engineering services, and products


Consulting in electronic engineering

You have a project that you want to produce with a third-party organization. Kiffcom can offer you its consulting service, based on its experience and expertise, to reflect with you on your best options for electronic development and production.

Industrial 3D design

To prepare the final product, see what it will look like, touch it, feel it react, Kiffcom offers its 3D industrial design services. After consultation with the client, the designer creates a draft, then a 3D design. After approval, it will be printed to test it, with its electronic components, in its environment. Once the design is finished, the 3D files and the datasheet will be sent for production.

Printed circuit boards / PCB design

The majority of electronic components are assembled on a printed circuit board in order to organize them, secure them and optimize their communication. The design of this plate is defined on a software which will preview and verify that all the components are properly connected to send to production.

Mechatronics design

It is important to take into account the interactions between the internal and external mechanisms and components of the device, the software, and its takeover. The designs of the PCB, the software and the box will be strongly influenced by this mechatronics design.

Software design

Depending on the purpose, the users, the environment and the components of the device, it will be necessary to design the embedded software that will control the components and possibly the communication with additional software layers.


Once the box, the PCB, the mechatronics, and the software have been designed, we assemble and integrate the pieces to make a proof of concept by means of one or more prototypes which will be used to evaluate the possible modifications to be made to make them a commercial product. As at each step of the electronic production process, a series of tests is then initiated. This is one of the most important steps. It could save a lot of time and investment.

Electronic certification

Each country and some regions define their own rules for electronic marketing. They ensure that each product is safe, functional, and communicates without interfering with other devices that may be in the same environment. Some certifications are mandatory, depending on the electronic components. The best known are called RoHS, UL, ULC, CSA, FCC, CE, TUV, EMC, or PTCRB.

Intellectual property / IP protection

Whether you have designed a product that has competitive features or simply because you want to protect your investment and avoid lawsuits from competitors, Kiffcom recommends that you file at least your industrial design. Then, if you think that other concepts or processes for using your electronic device are innovative, unique and have competitive added value, then patenting becomes important. They will reassure your financial, commercial and legal partners, as well as your customers.

Preparation for filing documents, and receive a confirmation, can take around 2 weeks.

Electronic Production

Your prototypes are finished, the choice of components is defined, your project is ready to go to market, so it’s time to produce your printed circuit boards. Kiffcom offers you production, assembly and delivery services.

It is usually about 2 weeks of production.

Plastic injection molding

In most cases, electronic device cases will be made of plastic because it is easy to produce and cheap to produce in quantities. Characteristics such as colors, shapes, textures, and finishes are defined by your industrial designer. In the best cases, it takes about 2 weeks to prepare a mold and 1 week to produce in quantity.

Packaging production

If you sell your electronic devices to businesses or individuals, oftentimes they need to be packaged for easy transportation and sale. Kiffcom offers a turnkey packaging design and production service. Made of metal, plastic, or cardboard, you have a wide choice of colors, textures, and possible manipulations.

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