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Available specialties

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing strategies that align with the company's overall business objectives

Digital Marketing specialist

Responsible for implementing and managing digital marketing campaigns across various channels, including search engines, social media, email, content marketing, and paid advertising

Telemarketing specialist

Plays a crucial role in generating leads, qualifying prospects, and promoting products or services for a company

Graphic designer

Responsible for creating a wide range of visual assets, from logos and branding materials to marketing collateral and website designs

UI designer

Collaborates with UX designers, product managers, and developers to translate user needs and business goals into a seamless user experience

Industrial designer

Shapes the physical form and user experience of manufactured products, ranging from everyday objects to sophisticated machinery

Data entry agent

Maintains and organizes a company's data. They are responsible for accurately entering and processing information from various sources into computer systems

LinkedIn Sales prospector

Improves your lead generation process, increases sales performance and positions your business for long-term growth. They are dedicated to scraping and carrying out strategic monitoring on LinkedIn.

Project manager

Oversees and guides a project from its inception to completion. They are responsible for planning, organizing, executing, and controlling all aspects of the project to ensure it meets its objectives within the defined scope, budget, and timeframe

SCRUM Master

Facilitates and guides Scrum teams to deliver high-quality products or services in an iterative and agile manner. They are responsible for ensuring that the Scrum framework is implemented effectively, helping teams self-organize, and removing impediments that hinder progress

Product owner

Designs, develops, and maintains software applications and systems. They are responsible for translating business requirements into functional software solutions, ensuring that the software meets user needs, adheres to technical specifications, and operates efficiently

Product tester

Ensures the quality and reliability of software applications. They are responsible for identifying and reporting defects, bugs, and potential issues in software products before they are released to end users. Their work helps to prevent major software failures and ensures that users have a positive experience with the software


DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the software development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery with high quality. A DevOps engineer is a professional who practices DevOps principles and methodologies to bridge the gap between development and operations teams

Human resources agent

Manages and supports the workforce of an organization. They handle a wide range of responsibilities related to employee recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, and performance management. Their work ensures that employees are well-informed, engaged, and supported, contributing to a positive and productive work environment

LinkedIn HR prospector

Plays a crucial role in attracting top talent, streamlining the recruitment process, and building a diverse and high-performing workforce for your organization. They are dedicated to scraping and carrying out strategic monitoring on LinkedIn.

Accounting agent

Maintains and manages the financial records of a company or organization. They are responsible for recording financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations. Their work provides accurate and timely financial information that is essential for business decision-making, tax preparation, and regulatory compliance

Accounting manager

Oversees and manages the accounting department of a company or organization. They are responsible for leading and directing the accounting team, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial records, and providing financial insights to support business decisions

Collection clerk

Handles delicate customer interactions with professionalism and empathy, ensuring both swift debt recovery and preserved relationships

Director assistant

Supports and assists a company director or other senior executives. They handle a wide range of administrative tasks, manage schedules, and provide communication support to ensure that directors can focus on their strategic responsibilities

Available languages


  • Full-time workforce - 160h
  • University level +2 years
  • 2+ spoken and written languages
  • Salary + social insurance paid
  • Comfortable office chair
  • Powerful computer
  • 2 high resolution monitors
  • Webcam, headset with professional microphone
  • Professional collaborative tools
  • High-speed fiber Internet
  • Flexible hours
  • Supervised by a senior with 25 years of experience
  • An environment of specialists
  • A beautiful working environment


Limited risks, good to start or for a short project
From US$ 1950 Monthly /resource


You know that you will need it for a long time
From US$ 1350 Monthly /resource


Increase productivity

Enhance your team with full time professionnals

Save 50 to 80 %

Take advantage of the international market with low-cost labour


Hire graduated experienced experts


Be assured of a supported professional environment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourcing meaning ?

Kiffcom takes your HR needs to the next level by offering globally-sourced outsourced employees. This means you can benefit from skilled talent located in either Tunisia or India, offering cost savings and access to specialized skillsets while you focus on your core business activities.

Cost savings
  • Reduced headcount: Eliminating the need for internal HR staff can lead to significant cost savings in salaries, benefits, and office space.
  • Lower operational costs: Outsourced HR providers often have access to economies of scale and specialized technology that can streamline and automate HR processes, reducing overall costs.
Improved efficiency and expertise
  • Access to specialized talent: Outsourcing allows companies to tap into a broader pool of experienced HR professionals without the expense of recruiting and training internal staff.
  • Increased focus on core business: Delegating routine HR tasks frees up internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives and core business activities.
  • Enhanced compliance: Outsourced HR providers can stay up-to-date on complex and ever-changing employment laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks.
Scalability and flexibility
  • Rapidly scale HR resources: Outsourcing allows companies to easily adjust their HR capacity to meet fluctuating needs, without the burden of hiring and firing internal staff.
  • Focus on global expansion: Utilizing outsourced employees from different countries can facilitate geographical expansion and access to new talent pools.
Additional benefits
  • Improved employee relations: Outsourcing can provide access to objective HR professionals who can handle sensitive employee issues while maintaining impartiality.
  • Data-driven insights: Many HR outsourcing providers offer valuable data and analytics tools that can help companies make informed decisions about their workforce.
  • General legality: In most countries, including the United States and Canada, outsourcing jobs is legal.
  • Specific regulations: However, there may be specific regulations depending on the nature of the job, the location of the outsourced workers, and the laws of the relevant countries. For example, certain industries might have restrictions on outsourcing specific tasks, or there might be limitations on working hours or minimum wage requirements for outsourced workers.
  • Compliance: It’s crucial for both the outsourcing company and the client to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations to avoid legal troubles.
Ethical considerations
  • Job displacement: Outsourcing can lead to job losses in the local economy, which can raise ethical concerns.
  • Working conditions: It’s important to ensure that outsourced workers are being treated fairly and ethically, with good working conditions and fair compensation.
  • Transparency: Transparency about the decision to outsource and its potential impact on employees is crucial.
When discussing Kiffcom’s service, consider these points
  • Highlight Kiffcom’s commitment to legal and ethical practices. Mention their adherence to relevant labor laws and regulations in both source and client countries.
  • Address concerns about job displacement. Emphasize Kiffcom’s focus on creating new jobs by offering access to global talent pools and expanding international businesses.
  • Promote fair working conditions for outsourced employees. Describe Kiffcom’s vetting process for partner companies and their commitment to ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.
  • US Statistics: Some studies suggest that roughly 300,000 jobs are outsourced from the US annually. However, this represents only a small percentage of the total US workforce.
  • Global Market Value: The global outsourcing market is estimated to be worth billions of dollars, highlighting its significant economic impact.
  • Industry Focus: Certain sectors, like manufacturing and IT, tend to be more prone to outsourcing due to cost-saving opportunities.
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