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Do you know how to reach the # 1 position in your market ? Kiffcom has faced this problem every day since years. So we improved our strategy and tools. 

Take advantage of our years of experience to reach your business goal in a short time.

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Marketing definition

It is the analysis of the results of the study of the short and long term needs of potential buyers of services or products that allows marketing to optimize profitability. 

An essential business process, it is located between the business management and trade processes. 

There are 2 main categories of target customers; businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). 

In the same Marketing process, marketers will identify the direction of the market to plan the actions to follow, and the marketing mix to describe the specifics of the product and the means used to promote the sale of the service or product.

Marketing definition

Marketing agency


Have ever thought of hiring a marketing agency before ?

Competition has better results

The competition is plural, innovative, creative, with more or less success. There are often 1 or 2 that outperform you, which can wipe out your efforts and investments. How to recover this market share?

Lack of time

Between customers, suppliers, accounting or personnel management, we often lack the time to manage marketing.

You are an engineer

You are good at what you do, develop your product. And like everyone else, you have your strengths and weaknesses. However, in a company there are not far from 12 skills necessary for its management. This ranges from purchasing, personnel management, system administration, sales, operations or marketing. Everyone has some notions, but not necessarily a real knowledge. This discipline requires knowledge that must be updated regularly.


A marketing team or department is a mixture of skills; such as in strategy, design, development, digital marketing, public relations, events or communication. Each company has its own priorities. However, cutting down on one skill, or having someone capable of doing it all will always leave room for optimization and therefore a potential loss.

Bad campaign experience

You invested in a promotional campaign with no results, no profits, and no idea what went wrong. You don't want it to happen again.

How we work

How Kiffcom can enhance your marketing results ?

We follow the best practices, add creativity and experience.

Experienced team

Kiffcom's marketing team is multidisciplinary, scalable and experienced. As an addo-on skillset to your team, ours is made up of successful professionals in strategy, digital marketing, social management, training, communication, events, telemarketing, software and web development.

Always watching latest technologies and trends

Technology watch is essential to be able to save time and improve efficiency. At Kiffcom, we regularly set aside time to discover and learn new forms of marketing for the benefit of our customers.

From idea to customer support

Kiffcom accompanies you from thinking to customer support. We take into account the entire sales process so as to maximize potential with prospects, leads and existing customers.

Multi channel

Because there is a platform for every need and every occasion, Kiffcom offers the tools and services for online, phone, SMS, email, and chat sales.

Cheaper than hiring in-house

We offer our tailor-made and à la carte services. This means you only pay for what you need, for all the skills you need and when you need them.

Scalability on demand

We offer you the service you need, when you need specific skills, for a fixed period. Our offer is expandable, quickly, in order to achieve your objectives.

Quantifiable results

Thanks to digital tools, but also to our procedures, our services are quantifiable. This allows you to compare and identify the best sources of income.

Fresh perspective and ideas

One of the advantages of sharing your projects with other professionals is to have new ideas, new points of view and criticism. The objective being to optimize the result, the Kiffcom team shares its ideas and its experience with your team, while keeping control over your project.

What we do


Kiffcom offers consulting, coaching, training, marketing services and products

Marketing consultancy

Marketing consultancy

Recruit Kiffcom for your Marketing planning and tasks. We will help you with your branding, designing, advertising and other required operations. We will raise awareness, you will receive consideration, leads will trigger purchases, we will offer the best customer service, and you will reward your customers for being loyal.



All is about recognition and distinction. Get a unique symbol, an identifiable brand, in equation with your positioning, to stand out of the crowd. Create your brand with Kiffcom and see.



Kiffcom offers you User eXperience / UX design and graphic design for your brand, your graphical chart, your decoration, or your promotions. Our creative team will work with you to express your message in the best and the most beautiful way possible.



Print media, radio, TV and all traditional channels. All depending of your strategy and target, Kiffcom can offer you the best channel to reach your audience.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Gather all of your customers under one single tool to automate communications and simplify customer management. Different solutions are available, Kiffcom will provide you your best options, install and set it up.
Call center

Call center

Cold calling, customer service, inbound & outbound calls, conciergerie, escalations, email & chat answering, and information check. Ask Kiffcom to help you to set up an Interactive Voice Response / IVR, and manage your calls through your CRM.
Marketing stunt


Unconventional marketing strategies and operations, like street marketing or stunt marketing could be a good way to promote for you. Contact Kiffcom about the opportunities.
Business coaching and training

Coaching and training

Get support and courses from professionals. Learn traditional marketing, media placement, graphic design, design thinking, sales, brand marketing, event planning and CRM. Hire a Kiffcom coach to follow your efforts and challenge your mindset.
Marketing Services offers

The best of our marketing, for you.

Marketing planning meeting
Full marketing service

Dare to succeed, bet on marketing

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  • Branding
  • Design
  • Marketing automation
  • Call center
  • Data entry
  • Events management
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  • ▢ Marketing automation
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Marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy


  • Stakeholders interview
  • Brainstorming
  • Market research
  • MARKETING planification